I’ve Moved!


New Years Eve Day Studio Time

I’m off  to clean and organize my clay studio in a valiant effort to start 2012 out right! It is super duper windy today here in Laramie, so whatever needs to go, will just blow away!  A few months ago I started this project by moving my computer desk out of my studio and into the basement of our house. My plan, only artwork (not computer work) will be created in my studio. But first, a bit of re-arranging in there. See you all next year!

My first art museum show…

I’ll have one of my figurative sculptures on display at the Las Cruses Art Museum through October 15th, 2011. There is an opening for the exhibit tomorrow night, but sadly, it wasn’t in the cards for me to be at the museum. I’ll be there in spirt though! I’m so excited about being juried into this biannual show. It feels great to be moving forward in this direction~
Here is a link to the museums website. If you go, let me know!


T-rex vacation…

I’m getting more and more excited… my T-rex vacation has begun….

It’s begun with beer at the Wonder Bar, and then by the flooding North Platte River in Casper, WY with good friends tonight. Of course I promptly took my shoes of and waded out to the bench that was almost under water…  I will now grace many photo albums unknown to me…. Talk around the living room tonight of telescopes, time lapsed movie taking, staking down tents to survive the wind and tomorrow.  Tomorrow begins the next step of organization. Food shopping for the next week for about 10 or so people. I’m so excited to be on vacation with friends and next weekend, my mom and husband will join in the fun! Funny, I’ve been on vacation for a whole 8 hours and I wish I could stay all summer… The next week will have to suffice. I’ll post more as I have time, and I’ll be keeping notes and post those later too. J-P has a cool new solar battery charger so my camera battery will get charged often. Yahoo for cool toys for me to use too! In the mean time, check out the Tate T-rex blog at: http://www.tatetrex.com/blog/ I’m mentioned in todays post!

Dinosaur Mosaics at the University of Wyoming Geological Museum

So, If you’re in the ‘hood, stop by the University of Wyoming Geological Museum. You’ll find a display of my artwork there now. You can also visit them online: University of Wyoming Geological Museum

Here’s what the museum has to say:

We have a new display of fossil-related artwork by Laramie artist Jodie Atherton – Dinosaur Mosaics! Jodie uses plaster field jackets used to transport fossils back to the lab, broken pottery, and found objects to create beautiful and one-of-a-kind pieces of art. We are very excited to be able to display these unique creations!

A day of 3 museums.

Yesterday was a 3 museum day for me. I applied for a juried museum art show in Las Cruses, NM, From the Ground Up XXV. Then I drove to Casper, WY and dropped off artwork at the Nicolaysen Art Museum for their upcoming fund raiser. The Sensational Small Works Showcase and Sale opens April 22, and continues through the silent auction on May 6. Wandering through their galleries, I was in awe of the quilt show they have up now. The quilts are more like fabric art and so vibrant and colorful. I was especially impressed with the South African quilter Rosalie Dace. I also loved looking at photos of her studio and living space as they reminded me of my trips there, and of the fond loving memories I have of spending time with my friends who live there. I miss dinners on the porch where the wind doesn’t blow so strongly. And long nights, learning about springbokkies, made with my favorite liquor, Amarula, and creme de menthe. After my day dreams ended, I drove up the hill to the Tate Geology Museum and packed up my artwork that’s been on display there for 4 months. It was nice to hear how well my Dinosaur Mosaics have been received by the public during this time. If you didn’t see them on display, don’t fret, they’ll be back in December for their open house. Now, it’s time to find some food in the big city after a day of hunting the elusive dinosaurs we only found pieces parts of today.

I love Wyoming…

Dreaming of a weekend of purple mountains, pronghorns chasing coyote, fossil hunting and friends. Looking forward to another Wyoming summer with friends and family.

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