Lee Rex

New from the Tate in Casper WY. Dee the Mammoth is going to have monumental company at the Tate soon! JP has found the articulated torso of a T-rex skeleton that will eventually be housed at the Tate. Lee-rex will be excavated by the Tate and our volunteers this summer. Contact the Tate for more information!! I am so excited for the Tate and look forward to helping out wherever I can… And, of course, I look forward to creating a dinosaur mosaic from one of Lee’s jackets too! Way to go J-P!


Art show acceptance…

Not one, not two, but all seven of my figurative sculptures have been accepted into an upcoming art show in Laramie. It’s the Go Naked! Go Clothed! Go Figure! art show at WOW (Works of Wyoming – http://worksofwyoming.org/). The show runs March 5 – April 1. Opening night is Saturday March 5, from 6-8p.m. Hope to see you there!

My artwork is in a museum!

I’ve got artwork on display and for sale in a museum! I have 5 of my Dinosaur Mosaics at the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, WY. I was there with my artwork last weekend during their open house, and they asked me to leave some art to display in their museum. I’m thrilled to say the least. They also asked me back to exhibit at their open house next year, so mark those calendars…. I have! And, of course, stop by the Tate, check out their mammoth as it’s really impressive if you haven’t already seen it, you’re missing out. I’m already working on a new idea I got at the show… A Dinosaur Mosaic table…

My artwork is on display at the Tate Geological Museum

I am exhibiting my unique dinosaur mosaics and figurative sculptures at the Tate Geological Museum in Casper, WY this Saturday from 10-4. These one-of-a-kind sculptures are about recycling, history, and the melding of art and science. I create Dinosaur Mosaics on plaster jackets that were used to transport fossils safely from the field back to the prep lab. I will donate 20 percent of the proceeds back to the Tate.

Things that make me smile…

Coming home and finding cross country ski tracks down my sidewalk….

Exciting news…

My artwork is featured on this blog~ have a look and see what’s new. http://www.naturallyearthfriendly.com/

Featured artist

I am honored to be a featured artist on this website: http://www.guramidesigns.com. I met Regina Mann while I was in Chicago at the One-of-a-Kind Show and Sale in Chicago last December. Her website is dedicated to her late father’s artwork. Gurami Manasherov. He was born in what was then the former Soviet Union (Georgia). After a career that included extensive restoration, art, and interior design work, he escaped Russia in 1972 with his wife Mara and his two daughters. What made Gurami’s work look so different? His background. In Russia, he never had more than a handful of material to choose from, and the quality was often lacking and became quite proficient at recycling and problem solving. So if necessity is the mother of invention and creativity, we all need to thank the inefficient Russian economy for providing the skills and artistry that Gurami shared with us. I for one am glad that his memory and artwork lives on so that artists like me continue to be hopeful and inspired in this sometimes not so perfect world. I promise to continue expressing my own hopes, desires and feelings through my own artwork. I do this in hopes of making a difference, brining joy to others, allowing people to see the world through my eyes, my hands.

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